Playing with children's lives: is the benefit cap a lottery for vulnerable children, with no voice and at risk of losing their homes, their schools and their friends?

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Action for Children (Great Britain)
Action for Children
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15 July 2013
Children and Young People, Poverty Alleviation Welfare Benefits and Financial Inclusion, Social Policy
Social welfare
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This report is calling on the Government to respond to some serious unanswered questions about the benefit cap, which officially rolls out across the UK in July 2013. Almost 200,000 children will be affected by the benefit cap. Local authorities, charities and the Government’s own impact assessment, have warned that children face homelessness, overcrowding or having to move school as a result of the benefit cap. Urgent questions remain unanswered as to how the cap will affect children and what can be done to ameliorate its impact. Local authorities face impossible decisions; tasked with imposing the cap they will inevitably need to move some families from their homes, and with the cap applying to temporary accommodation, there is often nowhere for these families to go. Both children and local authorities are caught in a hopeless game, with any wrong move potentially leading to homelessness, family separation, disruption to education or worse.

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