• Full title:   A most amusing, extraordinary, and bewildering entertainment. - London Standard, January 12th. 1877. Town Hall, Stratford. Saturday and Monday evenings, January 5th & 7th, 1878.
  • Published:   London
  • Created:   1878
  • Formats:  Poster, Advertisement, Ephemera
  • Held by  British Library
  • Shelfmark:   Evan 501


This poster from 1878 advertises a performance given by the 'spirit-medium' Mademoiselle Odin, who it claims studied at the Paris Conservatoire, and would 'appear in the marvellous flight, and float her body from the stage to the balcony. No so-called spirit-medium or conjurer in the world has ever been able to perform this marvellous feat.'

Illusionists and conjurors were popular attractions in Victorian theatres and exhibition halls: audiences could sit amazed as ghosts appeared on stage and automata solved mathematical puzzles. Renowned performers appeared to levitate, slice the heads off spectators and escape out of locked boxes.