Poverty alleviation from within poverty

Poverty alleviation from within poverty
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Ndifor, Ngechop Yvonne Claire
British Academy of Management
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10 September 2013
British Academy of Management Conference Proceedings 2013
Management & leadership: including strategy, public sector management, operations and production
Business and management
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Microfinance is unique among development intervention programs as it can deliver social benefits on an on-going, permanent basis and on a large scale. Its access to flexible, convenient and affordable financial services empowers and equips the poor to make their own choices and build their way out of poverty in a sustained and self-determined way with social change as an outcome. Microfinance has shown positive outcomes on poverty levels by providing small loans for income-generating activities, empowering the poor, consumption smoothing and vital intervention tool in the aftermath of conflict, natural disaster or economic collapse. This developmental paper from the Inter-Organizational Collaboration: Partnerships, Alliances and Networks track of BAM 2013 looks at microfinance partnerships as a way of understanding the processes and outcomes in particular communities and focusing on the role of gender. The main focus of this paper is the extent to which partnerships between microfinance Institutions and women entrepreneurs constitute a social change mechanism.

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