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This public notice advocates changes to the electoral system in England and Wales. It was published by the pro-reform printer John Barnes of Great Yarmouth. Reformers called for Parliament to be reapportioned so that constituencies across the nation had fairer representation in London. There was also a petition to extend voting rights to men lower down in the social and economic ladder. Barnes’ handbill rallies the ‘Men of England’ to support the terms of the 1832 Reform Act. Further, he asks supporters not to pay their taxes, carry or draw out of the bank any money, and eat or drink taxed goods until the Act was passed.

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Men of England, if you wish to carry the Reform Bill, pay no taxes --- Neither eat nor drink any exciseable articles --- Do not keep a bank note in your possession --- Draw out your balances from the banks --- Insist on gold, and in less than a month you will have reform
[1832], Great Yarmouth
John Barnes
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