Public Accounts Committee's inquiry on 'Sustainability and Transformation in the NHS'

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21 March 2018
Health Services, Social Policy, Older Adults
Social welfare
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The nature of patient care is changing because of new challenges, such as an ageing population and the rise of long-term health conditions. Care is also changing because of new opportunities for the NHS, such as innovative technologies. Reform believes that in order to deliver a true transformation of services, the NHS should ensure that funding incentives are delivered in the most efficient ways.

NHS England has directed extra spending toward meeting short-term demand rather than enabling transformational reform. Cash bailouts from the Treasury risk becoming routine, serving only to diminish incentives across the NHS to deliver the new models of care essential for longer-term improvements and efficiencies.

Reform believes that the NHS has not been strategic in delivering recurrent savings. Short-term financial targets, set by NHS England, distort priorities away from medium and long-term care delivery. Substantive reforms to the NHS workforce, estates and procurement practices are needed to ensure the long-term sustainability of the NHS.

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