Public attitudes to asset recovery and awareness of the Community Cashback Scheme: results from an opinion poll

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Gottschalk, Eva
Home Office
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1 September 2010
Criminal Justice Services
Social welfare
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This paper presents the results of a survey regarding public attitudes towards and awareness of asset recovery. Awareness of asset recovery was generally low; around a third of respondents had never heard about asset recovery. However, 22 per cent said they knew a great deal/fair amount about it. Respondents’ views of asset recovery were mostly positive with 87 per cent of respondents supporting the use of asset recovery powers. Even if respondents had only learned about asset recovery during the interview, 81 per cent said they supported it. Just over half of respondents (53%) thought that asset recovery was effective in reducing and preventing crime. One-fifth (20%) of the respondents knew about the Community Cashback Scheme, and 21 per cent of them said it improved their opinion of the local police.

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