Public attitudes to housing in England: report based on the results from the British Social Attitudes survey

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Taylor, Eleanor
Dept. for Communities and Local Government
Date of publication
1 July 2011
Community Development and Regeneration, Housing and Homelessness
Social welfare
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In 2009 the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) commissioned a module of questions about housing to be asked on the 2010 British Social Attitudes survey. The questions aimed to repeat key time-series questions asked in the 2004 survey while also leaving scope to introduce new issues of policy relevance and interest to the Department. The report provides findings for respondents living in England only.

Among the key findings were that 49 per cent of people say that house prices in their area are too high, while 43 per cent say that prices are about right and only 2 per cent think house prices in their area are too low. However, private renters (66 per cent) and housing association tenants (64 per cent) were more likely to say house prices were too high than homeowners (44 percent), as were younger households (18 to 34 years olds, 58 per cent) and households in London (76 per cent in Inner London and 64 per cent in Outer London). Five per cent of respondents say housing should be the highest priority for extra government spending, making it the fourth most popular area after health (41 per cent), education (33 per cent) and help for industry (6 per cent). Eighty-six per cent of people are satisfied with their local area as a place to live with only 8 per cent dissatisfied. Satisfaction was highest among home owners (90 per cent) and lowest among those renting from a local authority (72 per cent) or a housing association (77 per cent).

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