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When the Reform Act was passed on 7 June 1832 a greater number of men became entitled to vote. This public notice published in July of that year solicits the men of Great Yarmouth to register to vote if they believed themselves to be newly eligible. The notice was printed on behalf of Samuel Tolver, the Yarmouth town Clark, by the anti-reform publisher William Meggy.

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Notice. Being required by the act of Parliament passed in the second year of the reign of king William the fourth, intituled[sic] "An Act to amend the Representation of the People in England and Wales," to make out, on or before the last day of the present month of July, an alphabetical list of all the freemen of the borough of Great Yarmouth, who may be entitled to vote in the election of a member or members to serve in any future Parliament . . . I do hereby give notice, that . . . I shall attend at my office, from five until eight o'clock in the evening of the under-mentioned days, to receive the claims of such persons entitled to have their names inserted in such a list, as may think fit to apply . . . Saml. Tolver, town-clerk
[1832], Great Yarmouth
William Meggy
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