Racks of make-up and no spanners: an action research project into men's use of pharmacy to improve their health

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Granville, Gillian
Men's Health Forum
Date of publication
1 September 2009
Health Services
Social welfare
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This report presents the findings of a 15-month action research project into men’s use of community pharmacy services to improve their health and wellbeing. The project’s aim was to add to the knowledge base of what works and why in order to encourage men to make better use of community pharmacies and to identify the potential barriers. A workplace intervention was used to test the effectiveness of this setting for engaging with men about their health. The project would also contribute to our understanding of why men do not make use of mainstream health services generally for improving their health and wellbeing and what needs to happen to enable them to do so.

The first chapter sets the scene for the project. It begins with a discussion on the rationale behind the project, its aims and the approach that was adopted. It includes a description of the partnerships that were developed and the involvement of a range of key stakeholders. The second chapter presents primary evidence obtained from four focus groups. Chapter three presents the feasibility study carried out in the workplace with a large employer, including the details of the design, the results and the follow-up internal evaluation. The response by men to the intervention was low, but a comprehensive follow-up evaluation gives very valuable insights and learning into why men did not access the pharmacy. The final chapter brings together twenty recommendations from across the project. These recommendations are drawn from a synthesis of the three areas of the project, that is the literature and policy review, focus group material and the evaluation carried out as part of the feasibility study. These recommendations are grouped under three areas: informing gender inequalities in health, informing workplace health policy and practice and informing pharmacy.