Refugee Council briefing for Westminster Hall debate on the refugee family reunion rules

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Refugee Council
Refugee Council
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29 November 2016
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Social welfare
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The Refugee Council believe that the current refugee family reunion rules are too restrictive and prevent families from being together just when they need each other the most.

Expanding the family reunion system would provide more people fleeing war and persecution with a safe and legal route to the UK.

The Refugee Council recommends that:

  • The current definition of family is expanded to include a wider range of family members.
  • Unaccompanied child refugees should have the right to sponsor their family members to join them in the UK.
  • Refugees in the UK should be able to submit the family reunion application.
  • Legal aid should be available for family reunion applications.
  • British citizens or other people settled in the UK should be able to sponsor family members recognised as refugees to join them in the same way that those with refugee status can.