Regulatory fees - have your say

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Discussion paper
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Care Quality Commission
Care Quality Commission
Date of publication
10 December 2012
Health Services, Social Work, Social Care and Social Services
Social welfare
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This Care Quality Commission (CQC) consultation paper outlines proposals for regulatory fees from April 2013.  The proposal affects all health care and adult social care providers that are registered under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. It sets out changes that CQC propose to existing fees, and to extend the fees scheme to providers that are new to registration in 2013, notably NHS general practitioners (GPs), walk-in centres and independent midwives.

The document explains the rationale for and strategic direction of CQC’s fee structure and the specific fee proposals.  It also includes documentation on current levels of CQC’s costs and provider fees and the proposed fees for primary medical care providers.  CQC estimate that they will register approximately 8,300 providers of primary medical services and that regulation of the sector will cost CQC £12 million in 2013/14. In line with CQC policy for charging providers new into the scope of regulation, they are proposing to set fees to recover 50% of estimated costs, £6 million, in the first year of registration.