Relationship Quality: A Continuing Investigation

Relationship Quality: A Continuing Investigation
Document type
Working Paper
Myhal, Catherine Genevieve Kang, Jikyeong Buttle, Francis A. Murphy, John A.
Manchester Business School
Date of publication
29 March 2010
Marketing: all aspects of marketing, advertising and public relations
Business and management
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A number of authors acknowledge the academic and corporate significance of being able to measure relationships and their quality (Naudé and Buttle 1999; Buttle 1996, 1997; Anton 1994; Copulsky & Wolfe 1990; Grönroos 1991). The authors are currently pursuing such work, and herein present findings from two studies, the first a completed work on the media and advertising industry, and second currently ongoing in the field of telecommunications. The first part of the paper focuses on the completed research project, and discussion of the research in progress will follow.

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