Report of the children and young people's health outcome forum 2014/15: financial incentives theme group

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Great Britain. Department of Health
Department of Health
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1 March 2015
Health Services, Children and Young People
Social welfare
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This is the report of the financial incentives theme group. The groups view is that the needs of children and young people are not currently being met by the financial incentives systems being used across the health and social care system. The goal is to ensure that financial incentives for the health and social care system enable the delivery of the type of services that meet the needs and wishes of children and young people:

  • Early and appropriate intervention;
  • Care close to home;
  • Integrated care with the child and family at the centre;
  • Driving wellbeing, not only specific health outcomes;
  • Highly specialised care when required;
  • Being designed specifically for children and young people and with their active involvement;
  • Improving the evidence base and evaluation of incentives systems as they relate to children and young people; and
  • Being sustainable.