Research strategy: 2012-2015

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Scotland. Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Healthcare Improvement Scotland
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6 December 2012
Health Services
Social welfare
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This strategy presents Healthcare Improvement Scotland's role in research activity to support the organisational objectives and the three quality ambitions of the NHS Scotland Healthcare Quality Strategy - the provision of care that is safe, effective, and person-centred. The mission statement contained within states: ‘we will promote the development, dissemination and use of research to support improvement in the delivery of safe, effective and person-centered care’. This mission will be addressed through four key aims planned over a three year time frame 2012–15:

Aim 1 - Identify the gaps: to identify gaps in knowledge and understanding of approaches to improving healthcare that could be addressed through research, and to find mechanisms for these gaps to be addressed; Aim 2 - Develop relationships: to build and sustain relationships with Scottish primary research organisations to increase mutual understanding of the research needs for developing innovation in healthcare improvement work; Aim 3 - Establishing translational research collaborations: to establish collaborative research activity, working with primary research organisations, and involving Healthcare Improvement Scotland staff to address identified research priorities of the organisation; Aim 4 – Infrastructure: create a sustainable infrastructure to support ongoing research development, dissemination and use.