Retirement income and assets: outlook for the future

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Discussion paper
Silcock, Daniela; James,Sean; Adams, John
Pensions Policy Institute
Date of publication
1 February 2010
Poverty Alleviation Welfare Benefits and Financial Inclusion, Older Adults
Social welfare
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This is the final report in a series of four, looking at the evolution of needs for income during the course of retirement and the roles different sources of income and assets could play in helping pensioners to meet their needs in retirement. The previous three reports in this series examined the income needs of pensioners and the roles that housing assets, pensions and other financial assets can play in funding retirement. This report summarises findings from the first three reports and considers how the trends and issues identified in them could combine to produce a picture of possible interactions between needs, income and assets for a future generation of pensioners reaching state pension age in 2030. In addition this report explores the ways that working longer and recent reform proposals for the funding of care and support could potentially impact on retirement income and assets.

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