Road and Bridge Map. Antwerp. 1915. 1:100,000.


This map of the German occupied area of Flanders around Antwerp has been overprinted with details of roads and light railways. Special mention is given to bridges; their location, type, span and state of repair. 

This information, supplied by Belgian intelligence, shows bridges to be in a generally good state, but bridges closer to the front line (in the bottom left) are more damaged. 

For an area with such a profusion of waterways (coloured blue), this information was essential for advancing armies. In 1915, however, breakthroughs by both sides were limited.

Antwerp, which had been abandoned in October 1914 after a short siege, remained for the Allies a distant goal. Nevertheless, the existence of this map suggests that various eventualities were being considered.

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Road and Bridge Map. Antwerp. 1915. 1:100,000.
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