Safeguarding children across services: messages from research on identifying and responding to child maltreatment: Messages for adult services professionals working with parents

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Great Britain. Dept. for Education
Department for Education
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1 October 2011
Research brief DFE-RB164d
Children and Young People, Social Work, Social Care and Social Services
Social welfare
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Parents who abuse and neglect their children are often struggling with problems such as poor mental health, substance and alcohol misuse, and domestic abuse. Children are at particular risk of suffering harm when these problems occur in combination and are aggravated by other stressors such as parental learning disability, financial or housing problems and lack of supportive family and social networks. Professionals need to be highly alert to the potential risk of abuse and neglect to children in these families and actively make sure that children’s developmental needs are being met. This should be routine practice. This briefing contains advice for adult services professionals working with parents on how to identify and respond to child maltreatment.

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