This flyer was issued to publicise a concert conducted by Arnold Schoenberg on 30 March 1913 in the Great Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna (the date was later changed to 31 March), under the auspices of the Akademischer Verband für Literatur und Musik in Wien.  The concert included the first performance of Anton Webern’s Six Pieces for Large Orchestra, Op.6, Alexander von Zemlinsky’s Four Orchestral Songs on Poems by Maeterlinck, Schoenberg’s Chamber Symphony no.1, Op.9, and two of Alban Berg’s Five Orchestral Songs on Picture-Postcard Texts by Peter Altenberg, Op.4.  

The final work was scheduled to be Gustav Mahler’s Kindertotenlieder, but the concert descended into chaos during the performance of Berg’s songs as conservative opponents of Schoenberg and his disciples provoked a riot.  The only singer named is Marie Freund; in fact Margarete Bum and Alfred J. Boruttau also performed.  The event, which later became known as the Skandalkonzert, resulted in a lawsuit against the concert organizer Erhard Buschbeck.  Berg’s Altenberg Lieder were not performed again until 1952.