Skills for sustainable growth: strategy document: full report

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Great Britain. Dept. for Business, Innovation and Skills
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
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16 November 2010
Education and Skills
Social welfare
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This Government’s purpose is to return the economy to sustainable growth, extend social inclusion and social mobility and build the Big Society. Underpinning every aspect of this purpose is the improvement of skills. This document sets out our strategy for improving and using skills to realise our central objective. It sets out the direction for skills policy for the life of this Parliament and the shared responsibility of Government, employers and individuals to create a system for skills in which all parties can invest with confidence and benefit with consistency.

Under our new system, learners will select training and qualifications valued by business, and available through a broad range of autonomous providers who will attract learners depending on the quality of their offer. We will prioritise funding support for learners with very low levels of skills or the disadvantaged, while there will be an expectation that learners and employers will co-invest alongside Government in meeting the costs of intermediate and higher level training courses from which they will derive private benefits

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