Social connections and loneliness

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Beach, Brian
International Longevity Centre - UK
Date of publication
27 September 2018
Health and Wellbeing Innovation Commission Inquiry
Social Policy, Older Adults, Social Work, Social Care and Social Services
Social welfare
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This series on social connections and loneliness is one of four publications from ILC-UK’s Health and Wellbeing Innovation Commission Inquiry. Each of the four reports is based on an oral evidence session where expert witnesses gave evidence to the commissioners, as well as further research from ILC-UK.

This report examines social connections and loneliness. Social connections are a fundamental aspect of people’s lives, impacting on expressions of identity as well as individual health and wellbeing. Policy interest in this area has also grown in recent years, particularly with respect to addressing the issues of social isolation and loneliness. It is therefore timely to reflect on the available evidence around how innovation can help foster, harness, and improve social connections to the benefit for all people in an ageing society.

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