Spare Rib magazine issue 100


Spare Rib shone a light on the arts world during the 1980s, particularly the music business which was notoriously sexist. Becoming a commercial success as a pop artist while maintaining any sense of feminist integrity was hard then, as it is now. Some female artists actively used their music to challenge myths and stereotypes and were aware of the potential influence they had on young girls’ developing sense of identity.

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Spare Rib magazine issue 100
November 1980
Spare Rib Collective
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Issue 100, p 13, 14, Bodysnatchers by Lucy Toothpaste
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Music in Spare Rib

Article by:
Deborah Withers
Arts and culture

How did women use music to further the feminist revolution of the 1970s and 80s? Deborah Withers, co-founder of the Women’s Liberation Music Archive, explores sexism in the music business and shows how feminists countered this through their music and through feminist music journalism.

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