Spare Rib magazine issue 133


Around the early 1980s, Spare Rib covered many events which characterised this period of political turmoil including the struggles of women in areas of conflict around the world. It often drew parallels between campaigns and struggles of women in different parts of the world in articles which sought to reach a greater understanding of some of the big political questions such as nuclear proliferation and the struggle of Republican women in Northern Ireland.

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Spare Rib magazine issue 133
August 1983
Spare Rib Collective
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Item 1: Issue 133, pp 58-59, Recognising anti-Irish Racism by Roisin Boyd
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Item 2: Issue 133 pp 60-62, Northern Ireland and Greenham Common - Connections and Contradictions by Teresa Thornhill & Fran Bradshaw; photograph of wall graffiti in Belfast by Petal Felix
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Race, place and class: who’s speaking for who?

Article by:
Roisin Boyd
Representation and identity

Here broadcaster, writer and Spare Rib collective member, Roisin Boyd, explores how the magazine dealt with aspects of identity, difference, ethnicity and imperialism.

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