Still not ready for ageing

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Discussion paper
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International Longevity Centre UK
International Longevity Centre - UK
Date of publication
16 September 2016
Older Adults, Health Services, Poverty Alleviation Welfare Benefits and Financial Inclusion, Social Policy, Social Work, Social Care and Social Services
Social welfare
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The Ready for Ageing Alliance assess the Government's response to our rapidly ageing society and finds the UK is still not ready.

Government action on tackling the challenges and maximising the opportunities of ageing has stalled. Far from seeing sustained progress over the past few years, society is seemingly going into “reverse gear” in some respects.

Key points:

  • Savings levels remain far too low and, without significant increases, future generations of older people will find themselves poorer than today’s pensioners.
  • Real wage growth is low, meaning that the incomes of most young people do not allow them to save more.
  • Social Care funding reform has received little discussion since plans for its reform were shelved and the funding gap in social care, which grows by the day, is a disaster for older people today and tomorrow.