Subscribe to the Loan at the Central Company of Provincial Banks


This French colour lithographic poster promotes a war loan issued by the French government. War loan posters were the largest category of posters issued between 1914 and 1918 as the French government appealed to the civilian population to help finance the war. The poster is undated, but must have been issued after the United States entered the war on the side of the Allies in April 1917.

The image shows the French general, the Marquis de Lafayette, who fought for the Americans in their War of Independence from the British in 1776, on horseback, leaning down to shake hands with Uncle Sam, the symbol of the United States. The image symbolises how the United States in its turn is coming to the aid of its old ally by sending fresh troops to help the war-weary French army.

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Subscribe to the Loan at the Central Company of Provincial Banks
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