Sue Lopez discusses girls and football



Sue Lopez talks about her experience of first playing in a girls’ football team, and the enjoyment she got from this.

Do you play any sport? Do you play in mixed teams, or with girls/boys only?

Are there any sports that favour one sex over another?

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I watched the World Cup, 1966, and my gran’s brother, my uncle, he saw in the paper that this girls’ team was going to play a game, and it was the Cunard Shipping Line Social Club, they arranged this match against other office girls and I thought, wow, wow. So I wrote to The Echo and asked for a contact and was invited to go up and play. So I turned up. There was these girls on Southampton Common all ready to play a full match on a full pitch with goals and people hanging around and getting excited. And I don’t know what I did for boots, I probably had some boots by then, got some boots. So anyway this guy said, ‘Oh, okay, play right back’. I thought oh, right back, I like scoring goals. Whenever I got the ball I just ran up the field and had a shot at goal, and I think I scored a few goals or made them. And at the end of the match he said, ‘Oh, yeah, would you like to play every week’? ‘Mm’. So that was the start of it. And, from then on this became a regular thing, a regular league of local girls because it grew from then. It wasn’t just this group that played in this charity match against the Cunard, there obviously were a lot of other girls that wanted to play and once the word spread, on Southampton Common on a Sunday morning, if you wanted a game, there were teams. So, it was amazing where all these women came from.
Sue Lopez discusses girls and football
17 May 2012
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Sisterhood and After: The Women's Liberation Oral History Project
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