Supporting good health: the role of the charity sector: a discussion paper and topics for future research

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Discussion paper
Bull, David; Bagwell, Sally; Nicholls, Jessica
New Philanthropy Capital
Date of publication
30 October 2014
Health Services
Social welfare
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Early reports indicate that the NHS is struggling to meet efficiency targets, which may create a deficit of £30bn a year by 2020/21. At the same time, an ageing population and a significant rise in the number of people living with long-term conditions are placing additional pressure on resources. Continuing cuts without changes to the way in which our health system operates will compromise the quality of services and the ability of the NHS to meet demand.

Charities can play a significant part in meeting these challenges, providing expert healthcare, conducting research, raising awareness, supporting patients, and promoting mental health and well-being. For each of the seven areas, the paper outlines the current state of play and the benefits that stand to be made through charity involvement at a national and local level.