Survey of teachers 2010: support to improve teaching practice

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Poet, Helen; Rudd, Peter; Kelly, Joanne
General Teaching Council for England
Date of publication
1 November 2010
Education and Skills
Social welfare
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The 2010 annual survey of teachers explored teachers’ experiences of the different forms of support they receive to help them maintain and develop their teaching practice. Teachers were asked for their views on the following: participation in continuing professional development; involvement in activities to improve teaching practice; use of observation and feedback; use of research; performance management; and the professional standards.

On the whole, teachers had a positive attitude towards practice improvement and almost all felt that they had a professional responsibility to maintain and improve their practice. Teachers also felt strongly that they should have an entitlement to time and support in order to meet this responsibility. The survey asked how teachers used research to inform their teaching practice, these questions covered both teachers conducting their own research and using research conducted by others. Conducting research was not particularly widespread among the sample, but it appears that many teachers would like to be able to be more involved in research.

Statistical analysis indicated that recent experience of participating in professional development activities helps to instil a positive view of the impact of such activities. In this respect it is important that professional development takes place throughout teachers’ careers, not only at the early stages or when teachers hope to progress in their career. Teachers newer to the profession were among those more positive about the role of professional development activities, and also about the role of observation and feedback in improving their teaching.

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