Talent Match London: supporting research and analysis on target boroughs and young unemployed Londoners aged 18-24

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Wilson, Tony; Davies, Malen; Rahman, Afzal
Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion
Date of publication
1 January 2014
Social welfare
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Talent Match London is a youth-led approach to supporting long-term unemployed young people into positive, productive futures. By working with young people, employers and organisations grounded in the community, Talent Match will help young people not only find work but navigate fulfilling and long lasting careers.

This report provides supporting research and analysis for the Talent Match provision being developed by London Youth. It seeks to set out the labour market and delivery context in each of the seven Boroughs being targeted by delivery partnerships; to identify the key challenges and opportunities in those areas; to inform the design of the specialist streams addressing young parents, disability and enterprise; and to provide in-depth findings from interviews and focus groups with young people themselves.The research combines a mix of desk-based analysis and research, interviews with a wide range of local delivery partners and stakeholders (over 30 in total), and two focus groups and eight interviews with young people.

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