The Butcher came along to Łodz, We said: ‘My good sir!’


This is an anti-German patriotic poster. It is divided into two halves: on the left a German (The Butcher) is arriving at Łodz and is being greeted by a Russian peasant; on the right he is leaving in a bedraggled state with the caption by Mayakovsky commenting: ‘From Łodz to neighbouring Radom he passed and left with a bruised backside’. The battle of Łodz (then in the Russian Empire, now in Poland) took place from 11 November to 6 December 1914. It was fought between the German and Russian armies in bad winter conditions. The Russians repulsed the Germans at this battle, achieving their main objective of saving Warsaw. The designer of this poster, Kazimir Malevich, was himself born of ethnic Polish parents in Kiev (in Ukraine). 

Full title:
The Butcher came along to Łodz, We said: ‘My good sir!’
© Kazimir Malevich
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British Library

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