These drawings are copies after two illustrations from the Regole generali di architettura (1537) by Italian architect, painter and theorist Sebastiano Serlio. The drawing on the left reproduces the façade and the plan of an example of church built in the Corinthian order, while the page on the right shows details of a number of Composite capitals found in Roman buildings. As in the rest of the drawings after Serlio’s works kept in Harley MS 2073, some areas of the paper have been pricked. In this example, the pricked outline of the ‘Pegasus capital’ from the Temple of Mars Ultor (Museo dei Fori Imperiali, Rome) suggests that the drawing was copied again, possibly by apprentices training in Randle Holme’s workshop.

Full title:
The Corinthian Order
17th century
Pencil drawing / Pen and ink / Architectural drawing
anonymous, Sebastiano Serlio
Usage terms
Public Domain
Held by
British Library
Harley MS 2073, ff. 134v and 135r

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