When John succeeded to the throne of England in 1199, he also came into possession of his family’s ancestral territories in France, among them the duchy of Normandy. In 1202 Prince Arthur, already betrothed to the daughter of Philip Augustus of France (r. 1180–1223), accompanied the French king on a military campaign into Normandy. Arthur’s subsequent death while in the custody of King John triggered a second French invasion of the duchy in 1203, and by 1204 Normandy had been lost by the English Crown. This copy of the Grandes Chroniques de France was made for John the Good, Duke of Normandy (and the future King John II of France, r. 1350–64). The page shown here describes the beginning of Philip’s campaign, and is illustrated at the head with scenes of the submission of the Normans to the French King, and of the siege of Rouen.