'The Hospital for sick children, Great Ormond Street. - Her Majesty's Presents' from the Penny Illustrated Newspaper


Great Ormond Street Hospital, a hospital for children in London, opened in 1852. This illustration is from an 1864 issue of the Penny Illustrated Newspaper and shows a cheerful scene of children playing with presents, given to the hospital by their supporter Queen Victoria. Novelist Charles Dickens was also a prominent supporter of the hospital in the Victorian period.

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Engraved image from Penny Illustrated Weekly News, February 27th, 1864, entitled 'The Hospital for sick children, Great Ormond Street. - Her Majesty's Presents'.
27 February 1864, London
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The Penny Illustrated Weekly News, John Forster [compiler]
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Public Domain
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British Library
Dex.316. - Vol III, part II

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