The impact of dc asset pooling: international evidence

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Pensions Policy Institute
Pensions Policy Institute
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8 November 2017
Social Policy, Poverty Alleviation Welfare Benefits and Financial Inclusion
Social welfare
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This report explores the potential impact that increased asset pooling and consolidation could have on UK DC member outcomes:

  • Chapter one describes the current DC market in the UK, outlining the starting point for any further consolidation and asset pooling, as well as identifying the types of schemes which may have scope to achieve the greatest impact.
  • Chapter two explores international examples of asset pooling and consolidation in DC pension funds in order to identify the impact that has resulted from increased scale. The international examples discussed in chapter two are: Australia, South Africa, Mexico, and Italy.
  • Chapter three discusses the potential areas of impact if asset pooling were to increase in the UK DC market, as well as the potential barriers to further consolidation.
  • Chapter four explores what the impact of asset pooling may be for individual scheme members. Three hypothetical individuals with varying characteristics are used to illustrate the magnitude of changes to pension pot sizes that could be achieved through consolidation and pooling.

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