The impact of tax and benefit reforms on household incomes

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Hood, Andrew; Waters, Tom
Institute for Fiscal Studies
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27 April 2017
IFS Briefing Note; BN196
Poverty Alleviation Welfare Benefits and Financial Inclusion
Social welfare
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Increases to the income tax personal allowance and higher-rate threshold, costing the government around £5 billion per year, have been the biggest change to taxes or benefits so far this parliament.

These have benefited most basic-rate taxpayers to the tune of £160 a year, while most higher-rate taxpayers have gained £380 a year. However, for the latter group, all this giveaway is doing is reversing most of the effect of the cuts in the higher-rate threshold in the last parliament. And cuts in pension tax relief, on top of a large number of tax increases in the last parliament, have hit those with the very highest incomes.

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