The Life of the Buddha


A Burmese manuscript that illustrates the Buddha’s life after his Enlightenment. Scenes depicted begin with the story of the Buddha’s physician Jivaka, include the Buddha’s defeat of the heretics, his performance of the twin miracle, and end with scenes of various rainy seasons spent by the Buddha.

What is shown here?

The scenes on ff. 65–66 depict the Buddha’s disciples Maha-Moggallana, Bhikkhu Cunna, Bhikkhuni Patisambhidapattacira, Bhikkhuni Upalavan, his chief supporter Anatabein and lay people who come to listen the Buddha’s teaching. The Buddha devoted the rest of his life to teaching the Dhamma to those who wished to follow him. Gotami, the Buddha’s foster mother, became the first Buddhist woman to be ordained as a bhikkhuni. After her ordination, and that of her 500 followers, increasing numbers of women left domestic lives to become nuns during the Buddha’s lifetime. After he attained parinibbāna, all his male and female disciples, known respectively as bhikkhus and bhikkhunis, continued to teach the Dhamma to the people, ensuring that in this way the Buddha’s teachings are able to survive.

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Full title:
မာလာလင်္ကာရဇာတ်တော်စတုတ္ထဆုဖုရာ Mālālaṅkāra jatʿ toʿ (The Life of the Buddha)
c. 1875
Paper folding book
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Public Domain
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British Library
Or 14405

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