This print appeared on page 36 of the English version of Giovanni Paolo Lomazzo’s Trattato dell’arte della pittura (1584), translated by Richard Haydocke and published as A tracte containing the artes of curious paintinge carvinge & buildinge (Oxford, 1598). Unlike the original Italian, the English edition included numerous illustrations from various pictorial sources. One source was Albrecht Dürer’s Hjerin sind begriffen vier bücher von menschlicher Proportion, published by Dürer’s widow in 1528. Lomazzo had already borrowed some passages from the text, which Haydocke supplemented with plates like this study of the proportions of a male and a female figures. Haydocke’s translation of Lomazzo’s popular compilation of rules, techniques and theory could have been one of the teaching devices that Randle Holme and his son acquired ‘in their effort to learn the new, polite, and formal styles of figure painting being introduced from continental Europe’.