The Scots Roll


The ‘Scots Roll’ is one of the most historically significant items in the heraldic collection belonging to Sir Thomas Wriothesley, as it may well be the earliest surviving armorial to have been produced in Scotland itself. Totalling nine pages, it illustrates 114 arms belonging to the Scottish nobility (Add MS 45133, ff. 46v-50v).

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The Scots Roll of Arms, painted, f. 49r.; WRIOTHESLEY HERALDIC COLLECTIONS. Vol. III. Miscellaneous heraldic, genealogical and historical material. Parts of the MS. are in Wriothesley's hand, as noted below. The manuscript has close associations with Harley MS. 4205 and with sixteen leaves i
Bodycolour / Pen and ink / Paper
Thomas Wriothesley
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Public Domain
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British Library
Add MS 45133

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