Third sector impacts on human resources and community: a critical review

Document type
Literature review
Kamerāde, Daiga
Third Sector Research Centre
Date of publication
1 September 2015
Working paper; 134
Community Development and Regeneration, Employment
Social welfare
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The question what impact does third sector generate is an increasingly important theme of academic, policy making and practitioners’ debates. This trend is fuelled by a move towards evidence-based policy making, professionalization of the third sector, market orientated thinking, a push for a better understanding of resource allocation and the need to demonstrate impact in order to obtain public funding. This working paper is an interdisciplinary review that systematises the empirical evidence in regards of the impacts of the third sector on human resources and community. The main research question addressed in this paper is, ‘What are the third sector impacts for individuals (human resources) and community?’ Within the themes of impact on human resources and community, this paper focuses on the key impact areas that have achieved the greatest prevalence and/or conceptual elaboration and empirical analysis: need satisfaction, pursuit of interest jointly with others, employability, well-being and health, third sector pay and non-monetary rewards, civic engagement and democracy, community building through social integration and trust, crime reduction and public health.

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