Three Women, a radio play by Sylvia Plath


This is the cover page of the script of Sylvia Plath’s verse play for radio Three Women, which was first broadcast on the BBC on 19 August 1962. This script corresponds to a reading of the play broadcast on 9 June 1968 and performed by Barbara Jefford, Jill Balcon and Rosalind Shanks.

Set in a maternity ward, the play consists of three interwoven monologues. The first voice is a woman who gives birth and takes her baby home with her, the second corresponds to a secretary who has a miscarriage, and the third voice belongs to an unmarried student who decides to give her baby up for adoption. The subject of mothers and their offspring will have been fresh in Plath’s mind, as she wrote the play a few months after her son Nicholas was born.

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Alvarez Papers. Vol. cviii. Poems, interviews, etc., by Sylvia Plath; 1951-1971, n.d. Partly French translations.
1962, Devon
Manuscript / Typescript / Radio script
Sylvia Plath
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