Through her eyes: enabling women's best evidence in UK asylum appeals

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Barnard, Matt; Kerr, Jane; Sharrock, Sarah
Date of publication
1 November 2017
Natcen Social Research
Social Policy, Families, Children and Young People
Social welfare
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This research looks at the experiences of women who have had their initial application for protection refused, and have appealed that decision. 

A key finding is that women seeking protection from violence are being disadvantaged by the UK asylum system but the system can be made fairer.

Key recommendations:

  • Guidance for judges should be reviewed. The Guidance Note by the President of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber should be reviewed and information on gender-based persecution made available to judges.
  • Good practice by judges should be supported. The current good practice and supportive culture that exists in sections of the judiciary should be built on.
  • The Tribunal Service should improve conditions for women. There should be practical adjustments by the Tribunal Service in order to improve the experience of appeals for women appellants.

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