Together and apart: a briefing for policy-makers

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About Families (Organization)
About Families
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1 August 2011
Families, Children and Young People
Social welfare
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This briefing shares key issues and ideas relevant to public policy in Scotland, generated at an event exploring the Together and apart evidence report which looked at the relationships between parents and their effects on families. Some of the key reflections include: there is a gap between the vision of the Scottish government and that of local authorities across Scotland, also extending to various professionals such as health visitors and teachers; diversity in local services hinders a consistent joined up national approach across Scotland; considering the preventative spend agenda, investment in services is needed to ensure that support is available for parents and families at the earliest opportunity; advertisements and campaigns to normalise relationship difficulties and reduce stigma would provide education and address some of the associated cultural issues; the National parenting strategy, currently being developed by the Scottish Government, is one way of focusing support services and providing a common goal for agencies to work toeards; and a shift in focus towards children would help to invest in adult relationships of the future.

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