Tom Gates by Liz Pichon: notebook and manuscript drafts


Tom Gates is in Year 5 at Oakfield School in nosey Mr Fullerman’s class. Tom has a weirdo big sister called DELIA and is always getting into MAJOR TROUBLE at school. Parents’ evening is the WORST. But Tom did get five merits for his holiday story ‘CAMPING SUCKS’, which he hoped would impress Amy Porter, who sits next to him. Tom’s best mate is DEREK FINGLE but Marcus Meldrew is an annoying twit.

Tom’s favourite band is DUDE3. He has got tickets to see them live but is not old enough to get in – which also SUCKS. Tom plays the electric guitar in his own AWESOME band called the DogZombies. IF you read Tom’s brilliant homework diary, which is full of his ideas, scribbles and doodles – as well as comments from MR FULLERMAN – you can find out all about Tom and his hilarious adventures. Read it and go Ha Ha Ha!

Where did the idea for the Tom Gates series come from?

The Tom Gates series is written and illustrated by Liz Pichon (pronounced ‘pea-shone’). Here you can see a selection of her hand-drawn plans, drafts and artworks.

Liz Pichon started as an illustrator, creating the pictures for other writers’ stories. One day she thought to herself – ‘MAYBE I could write and illustrate my own stories.’ The Brilliant World of Tom Gates was the first book Liz wrote for older children. She says, ‘I imagined that Tom was writing in his own exercise book at school and Mr Fullerman would write comments in it. The style of drawing is supposed to be Tom drawing in his own books.’

The 15 books in the current series have sold over eight million copies and are published in 43 languages.

Doodles and calligrams

The books are handwritten and full of doodles and calligrams. A calligram is a word that is drawn to look like what it means, like BIG.

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Notebook and manuscript drafts for the Tom Gates books
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Liz Pichon
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