Trade unions and globalisation

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Smith Institute
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8 January 2007
Social welfare
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This collection of essays discusses trade unions in the context of the rapidly changing and changeable labour market that is a product of globalisation. Increased competition from abroad has heralded changing industrial patterns in Britain, with consequences for workers in each sector of the UK economy. The rise of off-shoring is just one example. In a global economy, the uncertainties that accompany the free movement of labour and the fast pace at which a competitive advantage can be created and lost, have led many countries to move in the direction of increased protectionism. However, as the Chancellor has suggested, measures that seek to reverse or halt the free movement of goods and services, capital and labour are likely to impact disproportionately on our prosperity and growth. The contributors to this monograph discuss the global union movement; international worker solidarity and labour standards; the representation of migrant workers; the development of a multinational trade union organisation; and the challenge of combining flexibility with security.  The pamphlet includes a comparison of the position of Britain and the European Union on their growth and jobs strategies.

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