Transforming end of life care in acute hospitals: feedback from a focus group of pilot site representatives looking at factors that have influenced progress during the first phase

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NHS National End of Life Care Programme
NHS National End of Life Care Programme
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1 December 2012
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Social welfare
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The Acute Trusts involved in the Transform Programme are striving to achieve service improvements in line with the best practice framework outlined in the Route to Success and it has become evident that many examples of best practice already exist. However, what is emerging as a greater challenge is the ability to turn best practice into embedded and sustainable common practice. Each of the Trust pilot site representatives involved in the focus groups showed personal enthusiasm and commitment to making change happen, but many of those we spoke to were taking the work forward on top of their day jobs – a situation that cannot be sustained. The main area of concern would appear to be that resources available to take forward the Transform Programme are usually non-recurrent. This is restricting the scope and pace of change for wider implementation across the Trusts, including the ability to appoint facilitators to ease the workload of the current end of life care champion.