The transition to Local Healthwatch in the East Midlands: reflections from commissioners

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Rainsberry, Meghan
Community Development Foundation
Date of publication
1 April 2012
Health Services, Community Development and Regeneration
Social welfare
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In anticipation of the changes coming under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, local authorities and Local Involvement Networks (LINks) are preparing for considerable reform. In a new health and social care landscape, powers will be significantly redistributed in favour of local level decision makers – be they local authorities, clinical commissioning groups or patients themselves. All of these key players will depend on better access to quality information, strong representation from service users and the public, and assurance that their choices will ensure value for money. Central to the success of these reforms is Healthwatch – the independent consumer champion for health and social care. The Community Development Foundation and Locally Made were commissioned to deliver a regional programme of support for LINks members and local authority commissioners in the East Midlands. The programme consisted of a series of four workshops for LINks and five sessions for commissioners themed around different challenges facing them in the transition to Local Healthwatch. This report aims to capture the essence of discussions between East Midlands commissioners on a variety of issues raised over the course of the programme. Its structure reflects the key areas of a service specification so as to assist commissioners in writing their own versions.