Trauma risk management: evaluation of the RNLI pilot

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Lakey, Jane; Roberts, Ellie; Barnard, Matt
Date of publication
1 March 2018
Social Work, Social Care and Social Services, Health Services, Mental health services, Families
Social welfare
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Evaluation of a programme created to provide RNLI staff and volunteers with support after potentially traumatic incidents.

Key findings:

  • Research participants felt that the TRiM programme had delivered real benefits, and that such a service was definitely needed within the RNLI.
  • Both survey respondents and case study participants felt that support services were more likely to be available since TRiM's introduction.
  • The success of the programme was underpinned by the dedication of TRiM managers, the peer-to-peer connections created by participants, the provision of confidential peer support, and the thoroughness of the programme's training.

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