Two illustrations by D G Rossetti for Christina Rossetti's The Prince's Progress


After providing illustrations and book design for Christina Rossetti’s first volume of poems, Goblin Market and other Poems (1862), Dante Gabriel Rossetti collaborated with his sister again on The Prince’s Progress and other Poems (1866). Shown here are his frontispiece and title page designs. They exhibit Rossetti’s typical Pre-Raphaelite style in their nod to Medievalism and the women's features are instantly recognisable as by his hand. Like Rossetti’s other woodcuts they are densely filled with detail, leaving very little of the white page visible.

Full title:
The Prince's Progress, and other Poems. With two designs by D. G. Rossetti
1866, London
Book / Illustration / Image
Christina Rossetti, Dante Gabriel Rossetti [illustrator]
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Public Domain
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British Library

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