Following its popular and critical success, Hanif Kureishi’s 1990 novel, The Buddha of Suburbia, was adapted into a BBC television series in November 1993.

The novel was dramatised by Kureishi and the director Roger Michell. Starring Naveen Andrews and Roshan Seth, the four-part series aired on BBC2 from 3 November to 24 November 1993. David Bowie – who, like Kureishi and the novel’s protagonist, Karim, grew up in suburban Bromley – wrote the music for the series.

Dated 24 June 1992, this is the fourth draft of the script for episode two. The episode opens with Changez’s arrival in London. One of the most striking differences between the novel and the television series is the loss of Karim’s first person narration, which is replaced by pure dialogue.