UK innovation survey 2009

UK innovation survey 2009
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Great Britain. Department of Trade and Industry
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1 December 2010
Trends: economic, social and technology trends affecting business
Business and management
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This report presents some results from the UK Innovation Survey 2009 (UK IS 2009) and aims to be a useful reference for policy and research purposes providing some insights into the innovation process including: the factors that determine why firms innovate and how they innovate; the information sources and partners they use; the methods they use to protect their innovations; and the barriers they come across. Some particular results have been drawn out, making comparisons with earlier years where appropriate. Most analyses are split by size or industrial/commercial sector. Regional characteristics are predominantly determined by the aforementioned, so are less extensively discussed here. More detailed results including splits by region, firm size and sector (as used in the sampling methodology) for all the survey questions, are in statistical annexes which can be found on the Department for Business, Innovations and Skills (BIS) website.

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