• Full title:   Ralph Vaughan Williams: A Pastoral Symphony. Autograph.
  • Created:   1921
  • Formats:  Manuscript
  • Creator:   Ralph Vaughan Williams
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This is the full score of the Pastoral Symphony written in the hand of the composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams. It is dated 28 June 1921.

Here are shown the title page and a few pages from the opening movement of the symphony, as well as the note that Vaughan Williams wrote before the famous trumpet cadenza of the slow movement:

‘It is important that this passage should be played on a true E flat trumpet (preferably a cavalry trumpet) so that only natural notes may be played and that the B flat (7th partial) and D (9th partial) should have their true intonation. This can, of course, be also achieved by playing the passage on an F trumpet with the 1st piston depressed. If neither of these courses is possible the passage must of course be played on a B flat or C trumpet and the pistons used in the ordinary way – but this must only be done in case of necessity.’

Apparently, this trumpet passage was inspired by the sounds of a practicing bugler at Ecoivres in northern France where Vaughan Williams served during the First World War.